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Web3 Bootcamp+

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Duration: 6 weeks

Fees: 4,999 INR (Original Fee: 9999 INR)

Delivery: Online instructor-led classes on Weekends

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Students in B.Tech./M.Tech./BCA/MCA/BSc(IT)
  • Students with Diploma in Computer Science
  • Students in 11th or 12th class (with Computer Subject)
  • Working professionals interested in Web3

The objective of this program is to teach theory and hands-on concepts related to Web3, Blockchain and Smart Contract Development

Program Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain and Web3

  • Overview of blockchain technology and its significance
  • Understanding distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms, and decentralization
  • Introduction to Ethereum, smart contracts, and dApps
  • Overview of Web3 and its ecosystem
  • History and evolution of blockchain and Ethereum

Module 2: Solidity Basics and Smart Contract Development

  • Introduction to Solidity programming language
  • Writing your first smart contract
  • Understanding smart contract structure and syntax
  • Variables, functions, and control structures in Solidity
  • Deploying and testing smart contracts on a test network

Module 3: Advanced Smart Contract Development

  • In-depth exploration of smart contract security best practices
  • Handling exceptions and gas optimization
  • Creating and managing tokens with ERC-20 and ERC-721 (NFT) standards
  • Development tools and IDEs for Solidity (e.g., Remix, Truffle, Hardhat)

Module 4: Integrating Smart Contracts with Frontend

  • Basics of web3.js and ethers.js libraries
  • Setting up a project with NodeJs and React
  • Connecting a React application to the Ethereum network
  • Sending transactions and interacting with smart contracts from the frontend
  • Building user interfaces for dApp interactions

Module 5: Advanced Technologies and Tools in Web3

  • Introduction to IPFS for decentralized storage
  • Utilizing the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for human-readable addresses
  • Working with distributed databases in a decentralized context
  • Overview of layer 2 solutions and scaling Ethereum applications
  • Using Ethereum Testnets for development and testing

Module 6: Capstone Project and Practical Applications

  • Planning and proposing a capstone project that incorporates key learnings from the course
  • Development phase: Building a complete dApp, from smart contracts to frontend integration
  • Utilizing IPFS, Ethereum Testnet, and ENS within the project
  • Best practices for testing, deployment, and user experience design in Web3 applications
  • Presentation and critique of capstone projects

Learning Outcome

  • Understand blockchain basics, including distributed ledgers, decentralization, and smart contracts.
  • Learn Solidity for smart contract development and deploy them on Ethereum.
  • Develop and integrate DApps using Node.js and React with smart contracts.
  • Use IPFS for decentralized storage and Ethereum Testnets for application testing.
  • Implement Ethereum Name Service for user-friendly addresses.
  • Complete a capstone project, demonstrating the ability to build a Web3 application from scratch.
  • Gain practical skills through module-specific tasks, preparing for real-world Web3 challenges.
  • Lay a foundation for advanced Web3, DeFi, and NFT exploration.

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