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Cyber Security Course in Chandigarh in 2024

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Foundation and Foundation+ are hands-on, practical and foundational Cyber Security Courses offered by CyberForge Academy in Chandigarh (Mohali). In terms of syllabus, content and trainer experience, courses are rated as best cyber security course in Chandigarh.

The Ethical Hacking+ is a 6-weeks Cyber Security Course delivered in instructor-led, online cohort.

Why it is best Cyber Security Course in Chandigarh?

  • Our courses help people learning cyber security from scratch. Even B.Tech. students of non-Computer Science background can learn the foundational skills in Cybersecurity in 6 week industrial training or 6 week internship.
  • Our institute of information security has world class trainer with real world experience of working in industry. This helps students to ask any doubt they might have and learn everything by doing.
  • Our program syllabus is taken from the syllabus requirements for CompTIA Security+, (ISC)² SSCP, GIAC GSEC and EC-Council CEH entry level certifications. So after doing the program, student can easily move forward to attempt any of these certification, improving their chances of getting a job.
  • This course teaches Cyber Security fundamentals on which you can build your careers instead of most hacking courses or ethical hacking courses which focus only on tools/tricks which you might not be able to use in industry. For example, how to hack facebook or how to hack instagram might sound cool but most employers are not looking for that kind of skills. 🙂

We would like to invite all B.Tech. students looking for 6 week summer training in Chandigarh, 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh, cyber security course offline options and graduated students looking to get their first job to enroll in our program and explore an ever-growing and futuristic field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best cyber security course?

The “best” cyber security course varies based on your career goals and existing skills. For instance, if you’re aiming for a role in network security, consider specialized network security courses like Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Security course. Similarly, someone wanting to start their career in Security Operation Center (SOC) should consider Cisco CyOps course.

As for beginners starting in Cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+, (ISC)² SSCP, GIAC GSEC and EC-Council CEH entry level certifications are considered to be a good start. These courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making them ideal for those looking to deepen their expertise in cyber security and certifications provide validation.

Can 12th pass apply for cyber security?

Yes, individuals who have completed their 12th grade can pursue a career in cyber security. The eligibility for cyber security courses often includes a basic understanding of computers and internet functionality. Many institutes offer foundational courses that cover the essentials of network security, making them accessible to those new to the field. If you want to mainly remain in “operational” roles, you can start your Cybersecurity career after 12th grade. However, if you want to also work on “research and development” roles, it is advisable to get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and other related streams.

Is cyber security course in demand?

Absolutely, courses in cyber security are highly sought after. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, there’s a growing need for skilled professionals who can protect networks and systems from cyber threats. This demand spans various industries, making cyber security a versatile and future-proof career choice.

There is an ongoing shortage of Cybersecurity talent and it is projected to grow. As per Statista, in 2022, the Asia-Pacific region experienced the most significant shortage in the cybersecurity workforce, with a demand for over 2 million IT security professionals. This was part of a global shortfall, where approximately 3.4 million cybersecurity professionals were needed to fill gaps worldwide.

Shortage in Cybersecurity Talent in 2022

Due to this courses in this field and skilled professional, especially those focused on network security and strong fundamentals, are in huge demand.

What is the course of cyber security in Chandigarh?

In Chandigarh, there’s a variety of cyber security courses available, ranging from short-term 6 week certification preparation courses (like CompTIA Security+, (ISC)² SSCP, GIAC GSEC, EC-Council CEH) to 6 month industrial training programs.
There are different courses to cater different kind of students. If you are a Computer Science student with good fundamentals looking for summer training, you can opt for 6 week training to start your Cyber security journey.

Similarly, if you want to target a specific certification, you should do a training specific to that preparation of that training. However, you should make sure that the institute has sufficient resources to provide you with practical, real-world, comprehensive learning experience.

Which field is good in cyber security?

Every field within cyber security offers unique challenges and opportunities. The best field depends on your interests and career goals. Here are the a few fields of cybersecurity, each with a brief description:

  1. Network Security: Focuses on protecting internal networks from cyber threats. Network security experts manage firewalls, monitor network activity, and prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Penetration Testing: Similar to ethical hacking, penetration testers simulate cyber-attacks to find vulnerabilities in systems before malicious hackers can exploit them.
  3. Cloud Security: Specializes in securing cloud-based systems and infrastructure, addressing unique challenges in cloud environments.
  4. Application Security: Centers on ensuring software and applications are free from vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. This field requires a deep understanding of coding and software development.
  5. Monitoring and Analysis: Cybersecurity analysts assess and monitor systems for vulnerabilities and attacks, playing a critical role in developing security strategies.
  6. Incident Response: Involves identifying, managing, and mitigating cyber-attacks in real-time. Professionals in this field are skilled in rapid problem-solving under pressure.
  7. Security Auditing: Focuses on inspecting and evaluating systems to ensure compliance with security standards and regulations.
  8. Forensics: Involves investigating and analyzing evidence after a cybercrime. Cybersecurity forensics experts are crucial in tracing hacks and breaches.

Each of these fields plays a vital role in the overarching realm of cyber security, and choosing one depends on your specific interests, skills, and career aspirations.

Who is eligible for cyber security course in India?

The eligibility for cyber security courses in India typically includes a foundational knowledge in IT or related fields. However, several programs are designed for beginners and do not require prior experience. These courses often start with the basics of network security and gradually progress to more advanced topics, making them suitable for a wide range of learners.

Is cyber security a good course?

Pursuing a course in cyber security is an excellent choice for those passionate about technology and online safety. The field offers diverse career paths, from network security to ethical hacking, and is known for its dynamic and ever-changing nature. Moreover, with the increasing reliance on digital technologies, skills in cyber security are becoming essential across various industries.

Which course to start on cyber security?

For beginners, starting with an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of cyber security is advisable. There are multiple beginner level cyber security certifications like CompTIA Security+, (ISC)² SSCP, GIAC GSEC and EC-Council CEH which are sought by most Fortune 500 companies and startups.

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