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Introduction to Traffic Analysis: Wireshark 101

Have you ever wondered how data travels across the internet? Or how to troubleshoot network issues effectively? If so, you’re in for a treat!

During our latest online meetup, we focused on Wireshark, recognized as the top network protocol analyzer. This session was designed to introduce Wireshark to beginners and impart practical time-saving techniques for professionals.

In this session, we covered the essentials:

  1. Introduced Wireshark’s interface to beginners.
  2. Discussed the benefits of packet capture for network analysis.
  3. Demonstrated HTTP packet capture and analysis in action.
  4. Compared the TCP/IP Model and OSI model for a comprehensive understanding.
  5. Conducted TCP stream reconstruction exercises using Wireshark.
  6. Explored essential Wireshark filters and provided hands-on tutorials.
  7. Illustrated techniques for extracting resources like images from network traffic.
  8. Shared valuable Wireshark tips and tricks.
  9. Guided attendees through Wireshark installation on Linux and Windows systems.

Refer the slides presented during this session for more information.

Below is the click of Github Repository with all the resources.

GitHub Repo:

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