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Introduction to Penetration Testing: Metasploit 101

In the rapidly changing field of cybersecurity, mastering the essential tools is crucial. Recently, at our Online Sync event, we explored one of the most powerful tools available to ethical hackers: Metasploit.

During the session, we dived deep into penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities and demonstrating how Metasploit can exploit them. Join us as we revisit the highlights of this session and learn the fundamentals of Metasploit 101.

  1. The basics of penetration testing for beginners.
  2. Explained Penetration Testing phases using a relatable analogy
  3. The concept of Vulnerability and its various forms
  4. Introduced the vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) server, a well-known FTP server software
  5. Discussed the vsftpd 2.3.4 backdoor vulnerability in detail
  6. Demonstrated a manual exploitation of the vsftpd vulnerability
  7. An introduction to Metasploit
  8. A video tutorial on using the Metasploit Framework Console to exploit the vsftpd backdoor vulnerability
  9. Introduction to Meterpreter
  10. Gave a demo on Meterpreter and running Post Exploit Modules.
  11. An overview of Armitage, the GUI tool for Metasploit

Included a reference to the slides used during the session.


Gain unauthorized entry to the second machine in the setup, which hosts an SSH service, using Metasploit’s brute-force capabilities with credentials sourced from the GitHub repository linked below.

GitHub Repo: – Online Sync

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