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Introduction to Network and Security Scanning: NMap 101

Ever wondered how hackers gather information about your system? Surprisingly, they can pinpoint your system’s services, ports, and much more just from its IP address or hostname.

In our recent offline meetup, we delved into the details of NMAP, covering everything from its fundamental to advanced functionalities. NMap is a widely used tool for discovering hosts and services on a target by sending packets and analyzing the responses.

During our session, we provided a comprehensive overview of NMAP, detailing its various scans and scripts. Using Wireshark, we captured and analyzed packets to compare typical scans, illustrating their practical applications. We also explored efficient scripts designed to automate tasks such as vulnerability detection and service enumeration within Nmap scans.

In this session, we:
1. Covered about Network Scanning — What and Why
2. Introduced learners to the NMap Interface
3. Showed NMap GUI — ZenMap
4. Discussed Basic NMap Functionalities
5. Shared some most used NMap Switches
6. Demonstrated different types of NMap Scans
7. Drawn Comparison between most common Scans by analyzing through Wireshark.
8. Discussed about NMap Scripts
9. Demonstrated NMap Scripts categories — Discovery & Exploit

Refer the slides presented during this session for more information

Below is the link of GitHub Repository with all the resources.

GitHub Repo: – OfflineSync

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