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Influencer Meetup and Cyber Awareness Session in Chandigarh

In Bestech Business Towers Mohali, Local Influencers from different niches gathered for an electrifying event hosted by CyberForge Academy. We witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. 

Objective of this meet:

The agenda was carefully curated to provide cyber awareness among Influencers, from emerging threats in cybersecurity to best practices for safeguarding their online data which is publically present on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Principal Learnings:

During our session for influencers, we developed a PowerPoint presentation highlighting key resources for responding to data breaches and photo morphing incidents. Topics covered included:

  • Potential risks to Instagram account security
  • Implementing Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Addressing cookie theft and preventing account takeovers
  • Reporting cyber crimes effectively
  • Procedures for removing unauthorized photos

Highlights and Memorable Moments:

Nearly everyone who was asked what matters most to an influencer answered that it is their social media presence.

Every minute of the Meetup was jam-packed with learning and inspiration, from thought-provoking keynote addresses to engaging panel discussions. Influencers made new contacts, shared their experiences with cybercrimes and frauds, and left with a fresh zest for cyber awareness.

Influencers sharing their personal experience with cybercrimes

Influencers sharing their personal experiences

In conclusion, this blog highlights the impactful outcome of connecting with influencers who initially lacked awareness of the importance of personal data protection in their roles as social media figures. Engaging with local influencers during the event was particularly rewarding as we bonded over our shared commitment to cybersecurity. This interaction has paved the way for future collaborations and partnerships.

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