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How CyberForge Academy provides best cyber security course in Chandigarh?

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Unlike coding, mastering Cybersecurity requires way more than online tutorials and an IDE. Cybersecurity requires good understanding of computer science fundamentals and hands-on practice in addition to in-depth theory. And, needless to say that a qualified faculty and happy/ventilated classroom environment helps a lot.

CyberForge Academy provides it all!

Expert Instructor led Smart Class sessions

Our instructors are experienced, qualified and have experience in developing/deploying/securing SaaS. We use state-of-art interactive flat panel (touch screens that can act as a projection screen and whiteboard) and IP camera to teach various concepts of computer science and Cybersecurity online. As per research, audio-visual way of learning, combined with hands-on practice can help student learn better and retain up to 30% more than traditional methods.

Smart Classroom

Location and Facility

CyberForge Academy is located in bustling Bestech Business Towers (near Bestech Square Mall) in Mohali. It is an easy accessible area with excellent connectivity. The Bestech Business Towers hosts 15000+ professionals and 250+ companies. The security guards of Business Towers, adjacent Radisson Red and Bestect Square Mall makes this a safe space even in late/early hours.

We have a fully equipped, centrally Air Conditioned, 15 seater classroom and dedicated doubt/discussion cabin. The classroom is equipped with Interactive flat panel, LAN and WLAN connectivity and high speed internet.

The facility is access controlled and operates from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday. Bestech Towers provides power backup so electric cuts don’t last more than 10-15 seconds. Hence, learning never stops!

Hardware Kits and Real Hacking

In addition to Job focused curriculum, we also offer hands-on hacking activities/courses which can be availed at additional costs. Some of the tools and activities that we offer are:

  1. HackRF One hardware allows us to receive and transmit wide variety of signals such as FM signal, Mobile signals. We can also learn how to decode or even disrupt a signal using this hardware.
  2. ALFA WiFi card allows us to inspect all WiFi packets in the air. It is used to perform WiFi hacking and monitoring.
  3. RTL-SDR is a Software Defined Radio which can receive different signals and decode/process those in GNU Radio. One can even catch satellite signals and aircraft ADS-B data with some tweaking.
  4. RFID and Token programming and understanding how these work
  5. Programming hardware kits to act as a USB Rubber Ducky.
  6. Programming ESP32 and Raspberry Pi Pico W to act as WiFi/BLE Sniffers and attack tools.

Cybersecurity Books from International Authors

We also have a collection of Cybersecurity and Technical books/resources to help the student go beyond the certification/program syllabus.

And many more resources!

Enrollment started for June 24 Summer batches. Reserve your seat at discounted price now!

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