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Bug Bounty Hunting: Beginner’s Guide for Aspiring Hunters

Despite companies investing heavily in securing their websites and apps, they recognize the risk of missing vulnerabilities. To boost their security, they launch bug bounty programs. These invite external security experts to test specific domains and report any issues found. It’s a proactive way to ensure robust cybersecurity, harnessing the skills of ethical hackers globally.… Read More »Bug Bounty Hunting: Beginner’s Guide for Aspiring Hunters

Himachal Day Celebrations at Chandigarh University

Cyberforge Academy was invited to the vibrant Himachali Day in April this year (2024). The event was a magnificent display of the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh, starting with an impressive fashion show featuring traditional Himachali attire. The colourful outfits and intricate designs showcased the unique textile craftsmanship of the region, setting a festive… Read More »Himachal Day Celebrations at Chandigarh University

Influencer Meetup and Cyber Awareness Session in Chandigarh

In Bestech Business Towers Mohali, Local Influencers from different niches gathered for an electrifying event hosted by CyberForge Academy. We witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.  Objective of this meet: The agenda was carefully curated to provide cyber awareness among Influencers, from emerging threats in cybersecurity to… Read More »Influencer Meetup and Cyber Awareness Session in Chandigarh

Introduction to Penetration Testing: Metasploit 101

In the rapidly changing field of cybersecurity, mastering the essential tools is crucial. Recently, at our Online Sync event, we explored one of the most powerful tools available to ethical hackers: Metasploit. During the session, we dived deep into penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities and demonstrating how Metasploit can exploit them. Join us as we revisit… Read More »Introduction to Penetration Testing: Metasploit 101

Introduction to Network and Security Scanning: NMap 101

Ever wondered how hackers gather information about your system? Surprisingly, they can pinpoint your system’s services, ports, and much more just from its IP address or hostname. In our recent offline meetup, we delved into the details of NMAP, covering everything from its fundamental to advanced functionalities. NMap is a widely used tool for discovering… Read More »Introduction to Network and Security Scanning: NMap 101

Introduction to Traffic Analysis: Wireshark 101

Have you ever wondered how data travels across the internet? Or how to troubleshoot network issues effectively? If so, you’re in for a treat! During our latest online meetup, we focused on Wireshark, recognized as the top network protocol analyzer. This session was designed to introduce Wireshark to beginners and impart practical time-saving techniques for… Read More »Introduction to Traffic Analysis: Wireshark 101

Introduction to Web Security: Burp Suite 101

In the constantly changing world of cybersecurity, having the right tools is crucial. During our recent cybersecurity online sync event, we highlighted an essential tool for IT security professionals: Burp Suite. During our session, we examined the complexities of vulnerability assessment, identifying weak points and demonstrating Burp Suite’s capability to analyze and attack them. Join… Read More »Introduction to Web Security: Burp Suite 101

[Basics] Understand TCP/IP model with Wireshark!

In the world of networking, understanding the TCP/IP model is like unlocking the secrets behind the workings of the internet and modern networks. Wireshark serves as a crucial resource, enabling us to examine network traffic and gain profound understanding. The TCP/IP model is the backbone of networking. It’s what defines how data travels, finds its… Read More »[Basics] Understand TCP/IP model with Wireshark!

Kali Linux 2024.2 – New Released

Kali Linux has rolled out its first release of 2024, version 2024.2, featuring eighteen new tools and resolving the Y2038 bug. Kali Linux is designed for cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers, providing go-to distribution for penetration testing, security audits and network research. The update also includes fresh visual elements, such as updated wallpapers and improvements… Read More »Kali Linux 2024.2 – New Released

International Cyber Security Conference (2024)

International cyber security conferences unite global industry experts and professionals to examine the rapidly shifting realm of cyber security. These conferences offer a distinctive environment for exchange of knowledge, sharing advanced technologies and collaborative discussions on new cyber threats. Attendees gain valuable insights from learning about latest trends, best practices and innovative solutions which helps… Read More »International Cyber Security Conference (2024)

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